Abigail DeVille, The American Future

Abigail DeVille

The American Future

Exhibition Open:

The American Future by Abigail DeVille is a monumental installation, or as the artist puts it, “a model for reflection” comprised of foraged materials, publications, time, labor, up-rooted histories, politics, poetry, and research. In an attempt to form a new kind of space or landscape, DeVille takes us on a trip through time from 1804–2018….

Still from DICTA I

9 Hours Away

Curated by Adela Demetja

9 Hours Away is an evening of video-art and text meant to create a connection and foster a conversation about similarities between the current socio-political situation in the US and Europe. The video screening will be enhanced by a poetical, critical and philosophical audio conversation between the curator Adela Demetja and the Portland based curator and writer Emily Henderson. …

PICA Annex