Abigail DeVille, The American Future

Abigail DeVille

The American Future

Exhibition Open:

The American Future by Abigail DeVille is a monumental installation, or as the artist puts it, “a model for reflection” comprised of foraged materials, publications, time, labor, up-rooted histories, politics, poetry, and research. In an attempt to form a new kind of space or landscape, DeVille takes us on a trip through time from 1804–2018….

Arresting Power

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, OR

Screening + Conversation in association with Abigail DeVille's The American Future

In connection with Abigail DeVille’s exhibition The American Future, PICA presents a free screening of Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon (2014), co-directed by Julie Perini, Erin Yanke, and Jodi Darby. Documenting the history of conflict between the Portland police and community members over the past 50 years, the film features personal stories of resistance told by victims of police misconduct, the families of people who were killed by police, and members of Portland’s reform and abolition movements. Utilizing meditative footage taken at sites of police violence, experimental filmmaking techniques, and archival newsreel, Arresting Power creates a space for understanding the impacts of police violence and imagining a world without police….

Outside the Frame

Outside the Frame: Short Films by Houseless Youth

In association with Abigail DeVille’s The American Future

Join PICA and Outside the Frame for a closing celebration of Abigail DeVille’s The American Future, as we co-present a free screening of short films by houseless youth, including the premiere of a new project. A panel discussion with participating youth filmmakers will follow. Light snacks will be served. This event is a public program affiliated with Abigail DeVille’s exhibition The American Future, on view at PICA through January 12, 2019….

Photo: Kazuyuki Funaki

Marginal Consort

In Concert

Japan’s legendary ensemble Marginal Consort uses established and homemade acoustic instruments, electronics, bamboo sticks, marbles, water, and other objects to realize sonic constructs as well as incorporating actions that do not produce sound….